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Smart eye massager with intelligent airbag compression simulates finger-pressing and leads to massage temples and acupoints around eyes for effective relief of brain nerve fatigue and relaxation tensin. Heat therapy with a comfortable temperature between 40℃-42℃ to improve blood circulation.nts and relieve eye fatigue..

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PROTEN Mini Gun Massager

Reduce Muscle Fatigue – Comfier massage gun deep tissue is designed to provide you with the most professional massage and intimate care. It offers 4 different speed levels, up to 3600 Percussion per minute, which helps relieve aching and stiff muscles, letting you feel refresh & relaxed.

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This neck and back massager will effectively soothe muscle fatigue and relieve stiffness on multiple areas of your body: neck, shoulders, back, arms, waist, legs, feet and calves; The massage nodes provide bi-directional massage every minute.

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Designed to perform

Equipped with rotation ball, massage roller stick, heating, PROTEN foot massage machine provides a deep kneading shiatsu massage.

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I love using the PROTEN neck massager to relax after a busy day. Not only it is relaxing, but it also encourages blood flow to promote faster recovery.”

Kirstin W. Everton

New York, United States

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When you can’t go out for a spa treatment, bring the spa home! I’ve been so pleased with our PROTEN hand massager that I decided to try the hand.

Kimberly Mason

Texas, United States

marius ciocirlan vMV6r4VRhJ8 unsplash small

PROTEN eye massager has surprised me in every way. I just discovered this product and immediately felt a need to get one.  This is the most magical eye massager ever

Jack Johnson

Toronto, Canada

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This chiroboard has 10 magnetic points and 98 massage pressure points, it brings acupuncture effect by deeply pressing specific acupoints. Promotes blood circulation and restores the natural line of the spine.



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